Mutiny in Polynesia

Matilda here darlings!

Patrick took me to Polynesia. Flew into Papeete Tahiti!!!! Did the Haka Dance and when them Tattooed Tahitian Bwoys stuck their tongue out at me…I stuck mine out right back at them!!!!

dance_2 dance_4

Patrick almost got his butt kicked!!!!!

We went to Huahine. Swam in the turquoise waters, then went to the Yacht Club.

We had a few with a lady who owned a Vanilla Plantation.

Big fishing tournament on that day.




Next stop Rangiroa. Biked around the island and went to a GORGEOUS resort with a glass bottom bar!


Then Nuku Hiva where they filmed Survivor one season.

We survived!!!! On ice cold Tahitian Beer and fresh fish.

Spent the day at

Nuku Hiva Keikahanui Pearl Lodge |

images images


IMG_1584 IMG_1579

Then we sailed to Hawaii. Hilo, Lahaina and Honolulu.