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Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe Audition is digital audio editing software that requires a monthly subscription.

Choosing a Digital Audio Workstation is subjective, but Adobe Audition is one of the most popular choices because of its fast workflow, superior selection, quality tools, and great documentation.

Adobe Audition is a great tool for mixing and editing music.

You can use Adobe Audition for many different types of projects, such as voice over recordings and music tracks. Ultimately, the software is used for recording and mixing audio projects.

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All About Adobe Audition

When it comes to your creative project, you may be particular about what Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is used to record, edit, or produce audio files. A DAW is a device or software that is used to compose, record, edit, and produce audio files. Adobe Audition is one of the most popular DAWs around, helping audio engineers deliver professional audio files to their clients.

Whether you need to collaborate in Adobe Audition or you just want to make sure files are compatible with what you have in your studio or office set up, our Adobe Audition experts are adept at producing and editing audio files using this software, giving you the peace of mind that your audio files will have that professional polish you're looking for.

Adobe Audition experts can work on creative projects ranging from video to radio, podcasting to sound design, music recording to voice over recording, and more. These experts can use Adobe Audition to edit your audio files to your specifications, helping you create quality creative in the timeframe that you need.

Audio editors can be an asset to a creative team, working behind the scenes to create a pleasing audio experience. They edit, clean, and mix audio files for projects like radio ads, television ads, podcast episodes, explainer videos, and more. These Adobe Audition experts are skilled at using this software to do this audio editing efficiently.

Adobe Audition requires a monthly subscription and is one of the most popular choices among working voice over actors because of its fast workflow, superior selection, quality of tools, and great documentation.

Adobe Audition allows its users to choose from two distinct workflows, to either edit an audio file directly or to work in multitrack mode. This makes the software ideal for different fields like music or post production.

The Adobe Audition multitrack mode allows its users to work on multiple audio tracks simultaneously, mixing them together to create a layered musical piece or a radio spot that includes elements like music, voice, and sound effects. There is no limit to the number of audio tracks you can use at once. Editing an audio file directly is great for uses like voice over, where a voice actor wants to edit their voice track before sending it to a client.

Adobe purchased this software from Syntrillium Software in 2003, under the name of Cool Edit Pro. They released it as Adobe Audition in the same year, and since then Adobe Audition has grown into one of the most popular digital audio workstations around. Its tools include multitrack mixing, audio effects, audio waveform editing, a Spectral Frequency editor, and AI based automation with Adobe Sensei. It is best known for post production work and podcast editing.

When you subscribe to Adobe Audition, it comes with thousands of royalty free music loops that can be used in videos, songs, podcasts, and more. It also includes over 10,000 sound effects that can be used to enhance any project. Adding music and sound effects is a crucial part of any project, and Adobe Audition has features that help with this post production work.

The Adobe Audition Remix tool is an easy and quick way to change the duration of a song to fit your project's needs. When you change the length of a song, this tool will update the transitions in the song to create a seamless audio experience, without the need of doing all of that remixing by hand.

The Remix tool is immensely useful when you consider the workflow for creative projects. Songs are rarely created to match the specifications of a video, podcast, or advertisement in mind. Being able to remix a song to fit your particular needs is a fantastic way to add that professional polish you are looking for.

Other useful tools that can be found in Adobe Audition include noise reduction, adaptive noise reduction, a dehummer, the spot healing brush, and auto healing. These tools help Adobe Audition experts remove unwanted sounds like mouth noises, clicks and pops, electronic hums, and background noise, giving you the cleanest possible audio tracks.

The quality of audio editing software can differ greatly, so when you choose to work with an Adobe Audition expert you know that they are using professional software that has the tools required to create that exact audio output you need.

Whether you simply need someone to take out the 'ums' from a voice recording, or you need an audio file spliced and put back together, complete with music, sound effects, and cleaned audio, our Adobe Audition experts have the skills and knowledge to complete those jobs.