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David Brewer

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Ed Kelly

Detroit, Michigan

Real American Heroes. I can multitrack most spots with your music

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Katharine Quinn

New York, New York

Katharine Quinn Commercial Reel

Audio Mastering Reaper + 1 More
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J Salas

Miami, Florida

Podcast Intro and Outro Voice Over mastering and Production

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Ed Nash

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Duncan Shiels


Male VO Commercial Demo - Recorded & mixed in Duncan's Studio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Audio mastering is the process of preparing an audio mix for distribution. A mastering engineer can adjust levels, add equalization, and apply compression or limiting to a track.

The best way to hire a mastering engineer is by sourcing one of the mastering experts featured here on Voices. Post a job and get matched with a mastering expert who can hone your project's sound.

You can get your music mastered by working with one of the skilled mastering engineers you find on Voices. Browse through our talent pool to find an experienced audio mastering expert who can provide a professional quality master for your audio track.

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All About Audio Mastering

Before any audio track can be considered complete and ready for distribution to the ears of listeners around the world, it must first be mastered. In fact, mastering is the final stage of the audio production process that a track must undergo before it can be sent to a streaming service, burned onto a CD, or pressed onto vinyl. Without a mastering engineer to put the finishing touches on a project, then your work is more prone to suffering from inconsistencies and imperfections that will detract from its overall sonic quality. When you need to ensure that your audio is presentable and professional grade, you are best off hiring an experienced mastering engineer right here on Voices.

When you hire a mastering engineer to hone your project's audio, it can mean the difference between a mix that simply sounds decent and a high quality, finished mix. While an audio mix may sound complete to the ears of a novice, it takes a skilled mastering engineer to refine the sound of a project and elevate it to the point where it actually sounds as good as humanly possible. Getting there can include fixing balance issues, enhancing any particular sonic characteristics of the project, and setting the final volume. It is also in that mastering stage when a mastering engineer has the final opportunity to go in and add a little bit of punch to the track. Once the mastering engineer is through with an audio track, it is finalized for good and can no longer be changed.

Even more than applying stylistic edits and enhancements to the sound of a project, the mastering process marks the last moment when the mastering engineer can mend mistakes in the audio. It is the responsibility of the mastering engineer to trim the beginning and end of a track so that it begins and ends at exactly the right moment. Mastering engineers are capable of applying fade ins and fade outs to either end of a track, and in the case of a larger project when songs will be heard in sequence, such as a musical album, the mastering engineer will have the ear to identify gaps between tracks.

An expert mastering engineer will understand that you can't simply apply one preset to a sequence of tracks. Instead, the mastering engineer you hire will know that different tracks require different mastering tweaks in order to achieve a seamless sound that spans the whole musical project and doesn't call attention to its differences. Mastering engineers know how to realize a consistent sound by matching the levels of different tracks so that they can be played back evenly. Without a mastering engineer finalizing the levels on a musical album, a listener would have to adjust the volume of each track due to inconsistent levels.

The field of audio mastering has evolved over the years as the technological formats we use to listen to audio have changed. Earlier forms of audio mastering involved cutting discs from wax, but the bulk of audio mastering is now completed digitally. The mastering engineer you work with will know their way around a digital audio workstation, with experience shaping different master files based on the context that the recording will be heard in. For example, the mastering of an atmospheric musical track intended to be heard primarily through headphones will emphasize different elements than a booming project whose volume is the most important quality.

Are you ready to hire a mastering engineer to adjust the brightness of your track, catch and resolve any issues in your mix, and prepare your project's audio to ensure that it's in optimal shape to be distributed far and wide? Browse through our lineup of talented audio mastering engineers to find just the right audio mastering expert to finalize your track and get it launched into the world.