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Frequently Asked Questions

Pro Tools is so revered because it was one of the first digital audio workstations available, and it has upheld its reputation over the years as the industry standard audio software for songwriters, musicians, producers, and audio engineers alike.

An essential Pro Tools plan costs around $29.99 per month, while the Pro Tools Ultimate plan costs around $79.99 per month.

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All About Pro Tools

When it comes to audio and music production, it's safe to say that no software is held in higher esteem than Avid Pro Tools.

Whether your audio project needs a first rate edit that cleans up the sound and creates an immersive soundscape, or whether you need your film score and sound effects synchronized to the picture of your video, look no further. Hiring one of our multitalented Pro Tools experts will help ensure that you can wrap your project with top quality audio and a smile on your face.

Most professionals in the audio and music industries swear by Avid Pro Tools. The software has had a positive reputation for decades, dating back to its emergence as one of the first DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) available.

Today, Avid Pro Tools is used by more professionals in recording studios around the world. Pro Tools is made by Avid Technology and works on both Microsoft Windows and macOS operating systems.

One element of Pro Tools that music producers and audio engineers love is how easy it is to navigate the software for a producer from the world of analog editing systems, who may have just made the transition to digital. This was a selling feature of Pro Tools in its early days, and its treasured status has not let up since.

Working with a Pro Tools expert is a great idea because it is the go to software for so many of the industry's songwriters, musicians, producers, and engineers. When your project is recorded, edited, or mixed using Pro Tools, it will be that much more straightforward for you to collaborate with other audio professionals, since your work and files will be formatted for the same system.

When your project has numerous moving parts, such as sound effects, ADR (additional dialogue replacement), or a musical score, Pro Tools will enable a seamless transition between collaboration with one audio professional to the next.

Since Pro Tools is held up as the industry standard, it's naturally a bit more complicated than some of the beginner or entry level digital audio workstations. Because of this, hiring a Pro Tools expert is a wise option.

A Pro Tools expert will be highly proficient at using the software to record and edit audio, whether that involves a voice over performance or a musical composition. With a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of the software's many features, a Pro Tools expert will be the technical wizard who can help you realize your creative vision.

Avid Pro Tools offers all the functions that anyone would look for in a multitrack recorder and mixing console. It's also prized for winning features such as non linear editing, track compositing, time compression and expansion, pitch shifting, faster than real time mixdown, and HD video editing capabilities. Pro Tools users also treasure its wide range of handy keyboard shortcuts.

Hiring a Pro Tools expert is a fantastic decision for filmmakers and video producers who need that extra assistance with their project's audio. While those outside the film industry are often aware that high quality images are crucial for a film or video's success, fewer people realize that flawless sound is often just as important—and that one moment of imperfect sound can instantly damage an otherwise powerful scene.

Beyond the ability for high def video editing in tandem with audio editing, Pro Tools is useful for film audio post production, additional dialogue replacement, foley recording, film scoring, and mixing and mastering. Pro Tools can even handle surround sound mixing, so you'll be able to mould the sonic environment of your multimedia project using the software. Most musicians who compose film scores use Pro Tools to do their mixing.

One of the reasons that Pro Tools is so established as one of the industry's most beloved digital audio workstations is due to its longevity. The earliest version of Pro Tools was released as Sound Designer in the early 1980s. Sound Designer then evolved into a program dubbed Sound Tools, which later grew into the software we now know and love as Pro Tools, which was officially released by Avid Technology back in January of 1989.

Are you ready to hire an Avid Pro Tools expert? When you hire a Pro Tools specialist, you'll be able to rid yourself of any concerns that your project won't get the polished audio you need to resonate with your audiences. Browse through our lineup of talented Pro Tools experts to find the perfect audio specialist to complete your project's needs.