Mutiny in Polynesia

Matilda here darlings!

Patrick took me to Polynesia. Flew into Papeete Tahiti!!!! Did the Haka Dance and when them Tattooed Tahitian Bwoys stuck their tongue out at me…I stuck mine out right back at them!!!!

dance_2 dance_4

Patrick almost got his butt kicked!!!!!

We went to Huahine. Swam in the turquoise waters, then went to the Yacht Club.

We had a few with a lady who owned a Vanilla Plantation.

Big fishing tournament on that day.




Next stop Rangiroa. Biked around the island and went to a GORGEOUS resort with a glass bottom bar!


Then Nuku Hiva where they filmed Survivor one season.

We survived!!!! On ice cold Tahitian Beer and fresh fish.

Spent the day at

Nuku Hiva Keikahanui Pearl Lodge |

images images


IMG_1584 IMG_1579

Then we sailed to Hawaii. Hilo, Lahaina and Honolulu.

Holgate Glacier just chill!!!!

Back home after touring the South Pacific and Alaska

What an incredible trip it’s been!

Matilda here darlings!

Patrick and I are chill in beautiful BC after a trot around the globe. Our last stop was Alaska. Flew to lovely Sitka. Saw some wicked coastal brown bear at Fortress of the Bear.




Went to our old haunts Juneau, Icy Straight Point, Seward and Haines.

Thank you Seabourn Cruises!


Matilda and Patrick in Porthole Magazine

So flattered and surprised to see these kind words about Matilda and I in our friend Bill Panoff’s publication “Porthole Magazine” THANKS SO MUCH



Had a great trip onboard Holland America Line’s Nieuw Amsterdam. What a beautiful ship! Had a chance to hang out with my friend Scott Record the incredibly talented comedic singing impressionist. GREAT AUDIENCES!!!! THANK YOU GUESTS AND CREW OF THE WONDERFUL NA!!!!matilda-cheers-for-the-canucks


Home From Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti

G’day Mates

Got home at Midnight last night. Always a long trip home but Australia and New Zealand are worth the jet lag.

I was at immigration at 8:30 in Brisbane Australia.

Got off the ship an hour later and got a lift to the airport by a super friendly (most Aussies are) bus driver to the airport.

Flew to Auckland and spent an hour in the Emperor’s Lounge before catching the flight to LA.

Air New Zealand has “Sky Couches” which you have to pay extra for, but man is it worth it.

It’s a row of 3 seats and there is a leg rest sort of thing that pulls up even with the seats and closes the gap between the two rows. Then you get a special seat belt which keeps you buckled in while laying down, you get a mattress pad, comfy pillows, and a blanket and nighty night! Only woke up when people tripped over my long legs sticking out into the aisle.

8 hour layover in LA was a pain, but about Midnight I arrived home with an almost full moon shining over Semiahmoo Bay at our home in White Rock Beach, BC.

Visited Port Douglas in Queensland for the first time. What a wonderful little town. Watched the opening day of NFL season at Hemingway’s Brewery. A little weird watching Thursday Night football on Friday morning, but what a great game.

Australia and New Zealand

Port Douglas

A few days earlier we stopped in Airlee Beach Queensland. I hadn’t been there in years and had wonderful memories of an incredible sailboat trip around the Whitsunday Islands with my dear friends Simon Joy and Gary Granfield.



Airlee Beach

Sydney was a day for the ages. Woke up in time to catch the sun rise behind the Opera House. SPECTACULAR!!!



Then I met Martin Joy, Simon’s brother who’s become like a brother to me and Gary Granfield.

They took me to two of the best pubs in Sydney

The Argyle Pub and the Palisades.

Palisades had the most incredible view and we had mussels, oysters, great Aussie beer and they even had me favorite rum Diplomatico from Venezuela. Very rare in Australia.


Australia, Sydney, The Rocks Area, Palisade Hotel And Pub,

Australia, Sydney, The Rocks Area, Palisade Hotel And Pub

Before arriving in Australia I was in Auckland and Bay of Islands New Zealand.

new-zealand-bay-of-islands-panorama-of-russell discover-story-of-auckland-waka





Business class flights and gorgeous hotel in Tahiti. Now we sail to Bora Bora and New Zealand!!!!

Bears GB1

Back From Alaska

Bears GB1

Just got back from Holland America Line’s wonderful ship the Nieuw Amsterdam. What a great week. Thanks to the fantastic audiences! And thanks to the staff and crew. Jeremy the cruise director is a pleasure to work with. Next stop Papeete Tahiti.

Matilda and Patrick Silhuette_fixed0119_1

Patrick’s Bio

patirck 8x10

Matilda and Patrick