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Profile photo for Ro Candiah

Ro Candiah

Toronto, Ontario

Cover Song - Don't Start Now

Singers Female + 6 More
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Michella Moss

Vancouver, British Columbia

English singer/composer. 30 years experience performing, recording.

Singers Female + 4 More
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Profile photo for Kaoru Kubota

Kaoru Kubota

Not Yet Rated


Japanese Animation Theme demo Young Adult Female

Singers Female + 7 More
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Profile photo for Joe Cameron

Joe Cameron

Chicago, Illinois


Singers Male + 4 More
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Profile photo for Amanda Grace

Amanda Grace

Winona, Minnesota

Los Angeles *feat Prime Blaq

Singers Female + 6 More
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Profile photo for Erin Etoroma

Erin Etoroma

Los Angeles, California

Lost In The Stars- Tetra Chroma ft. Erin O'Neill

Singers Female + 5 More
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Frequently Asked Questions

An EDM singer is a vocalist who sings on EDM (electronic dance music) tracks. EDM singers typically deliver soulful performances for music that plays in nightclubs and concert settings, and their vocal performances are often mixed, sampled, and distorted.

EDM stands for electronic dance music.

You can hire an EDM singer to perform the vocals for your EDM track right here on Voices. Browse our lineup of featured talent, and we'll match you with a talented EDM vocalist who fits your requirements.

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All About EDM Singers

Do you have an entrancing EDM track in need of vocals to elevate your production to the next level? Hiring the right EDM singer to make your song soar is a quick and easy process when you use Voices. Whether you've produced an instrumental beat for an EDM vocalist to perform over, or need a vocal performance that can be remixed and sampled, you have plenty of competent artists to choose from with our roster of experienced EDM singers.

EDM is an acronym that stands for electronic dance music. Today, the term EDM serves as a kind of catch all for a wide variety of electronic music, from '80s synth pop to the house music you hear at nightclubs and music festivals, and even stimulating ambient beats you could listen to while studying. While instrumental beats play a major role in the EDM genre as a whole, coupling that with a powerhouse EDM vocal performance can be unforgettable.

We'll be able to match you with the right EDM singers whose voices pair flawlessly with your electronic dance beats. One of the advantages of hiring an EDM vocalist to sing on your track is that the vocal performance can either be used raw and unedited, or it can be remixed, distorted, sampled, and enhanced in any way to fit your project's needs. The possibilities are limitless when you have the capabilities of audio production technology and a smooth EDM vocal performance.

When you hire an EDM singer using Voices, you're sure to get those rhythmic, breathy, or electrifying vocals to gain streams and win your listeners' attention. Some forms of EDM serve as a showcase primarily for the track's vocal performance and lyrics, while other EDM intentionally obscures the vocals by blending them in with the greater sonic whole.

The EDM genre often makes use of session musicians and demo singers who can deliver a vocal performance that will allow a track to be circulated to labels, publishers, and prospective artists or performers. If you're looking for a talented EDM vocalist to sing on a track in order to illustrate what it is intended to sound like so that it can be shopped around for other artists and publishers, then you've come to the right place.

There are numerous subgenres of electronic dance music. Some of the most popular subgenres of EDM include house, trance, trap, techno, dubstep, hardstyle, drum and bass, and electronica. The term 'electronic dance music' was first used by musician and producer Richard James Burgess in 1980, and the predecessors of what we now know as EDM today first rose to prominence throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The most popular electronic music acts in the 1980s include the German synth pop group Kraftwerk, disco songwriter Giorgio Moroder, and a number of British groups who popularized the use of synthesizers in pop music: The Human League, Eurythmics, and Depeche Mode.

Some of the most influential EDM musicians of the 21st century include Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, and Deadmau5. EDM vocalists have played a major role in propelling EDM to the forefront of the music industry today, with singers like Ellie Goulding and John Martin regularly lending their voices to some of the most widespread EDM tracks of the past decade.

Today, EDM has become fully embraced by mainstream culture and its influence is evident in the sound of pop music. Pop musicians such as Sia, Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Rihanna, and Coldplay have all produced chart topping hits that combine elements of traditional pop with the hard hitting sound of EDM.

EDM is produced using different audio production tools, including digital audio workstations, software synthesizers, and MIDI keyboards. Although the sound of EDM has evolved and will continue to grow over the years in tandem with the development of different recording and post production technology, one element of EDM that will always strike a chord with listeners is a vocal performance. Working with an EDM singer is the best way to add a poetic or rousing message to your song by way of lyrics, or employ a singer's voice as an instrument toward building the song's overarching sound.

Whether you are a music producer, a songwriter, or a creator working on a project in need of soaring vocals, you'll be able to find just the EDM singer you need on Voices. Listen to the demos of our featured EDM singers to find the ideal vocalist to complete your EDM track.

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