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J Salas

Miami, Florida

Podcast Intro and Outro Voice Over mastering and Production

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Mike Bratton

Brooklyn, New York

Car Con Carne Podcast Composite

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Jason McCoy

Salisbury, Maryland

English Podcast Production and Editing

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Katharine Quinn

New York, New York

Katharine Quinn Commercial Reel

Podcast Editing Reaper + 1 More
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Jack Murphy

Charlotte, North Carolina

Corporate Podcast for Syngenta

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Kyle Luck

Not Yet Rated

San Francisco, California

Audio Quality Snippet

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Frequently Asked Questions

Podcasts are edited using audio post production software. The best way to ensure that your podcast is professionally edited is by hiring a podcast editor on Voices.

If you'd like an established podcast editor to take the reins on your podcast editing, simply post a job and get matched with one of the skilled podcast editors featured on Voices.

You can record a conversation between multiple people by using a remote connective technology such as Zoom, ISDN, or Source Connect. These technologies allow people to have audio and video conversations that can be recorded and edited into a podcast conversation.

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All About Podcast Editing

Are you in search of an experienced podcast editor to prepare your podcast's sound for distribution via a range of audio channels? When a podcast is professionally edited, it can mean the difference between a low quality, amateur audio recording, versus a compelling narrative that paints a picture and immerses listeners in a conversation or story. With a masterful audio edit, a podcast episode can become a seamless audio narrative complete with musical interludes, sound effects, and first rate sound quality that will win over faithful listeners and attract new ones.

Podcast editing is both an art and a science. While there is a lot of easy to use audio recording and editing software on the market, it will take an experienced podcast editor to handle all the fine details inherent in a podcast recording. Because audio content is so prevalent in today's world, listeners have grown more astute than ever before. Even the slightest mistake or inconsistency will stand out to your audience and detract from your overall show's polished appearance. Working with an established podcast editor who knows their way around a digital audio workstation will help ensure that your podcast exudes an air of professionalism.

When you work with a podcast editor, you'll have the opportunity to provide them with your raw audio files. Your podcast editor will then upload those files into the digital audio workstation they use for podcast editing, and lay them out in sequence, analyzing the gaps, pauses, and anticipated overall runtime of the episode. One of the most important skills for any podcast editor to possess is the ability to edit dialogue—they have the ability to fix run on sentences, verbal accidents, and mispronunciations. A good podcast editor can also remove any references to subjects that were spoken about by mistake while ensuring that the dialogue still sounds like one uninterrupted stream of speech.

A key element of podcast editing is making sure that you don't over edit the audio to the point where a speaker sounds stiff or robotic. The aim of a podcast editor should be to preserve a speaker's original speech, including their vocal idiosyncrasies, rambling, or off the cuff observations. Podcasts are often casual and conversational, so a good podcast editor knows when to take a step back and make cuts only when necessary. On top of that, podcast editors understand the importance of silence. Intermittent moments of silence, which naturally occur when a speaker is taking a breath or thinking about what they are going to say, actually enhance the pacing of a podcast episode. Your podcast editor will be able to identify the moments where the silence is constructive, and the moments where it needs to be reduced a little. Podcast editors can also create new moments of silence by inserting room tone.

When used efficiently, sound effects and music can both enhance the quality of a podcast. Sound effects can add an extra dimension to a story, drawing out emotions and illustrating an environment. The inclusion of just one sound effect backing track can alter the entire setting of a conversation, like transporting the speakers from a quiet studio to a crowded outdoor space. Sound effects can also serve as a great transition between talking points in an episode. Music is another great way to divide segments or chapters in a podcast.

If you need an audio post production expert to take your recording files and transform it into a unified, complete episode, you're in good hands when you hire a podcast editor on Voices. Our creative services marketplace is home to a wide pool of creative and technical talent who will be more than happy to hone your sound to a professional standard. Browse through the profiles of our featured talent and hire a podcast editor for your audio project today.