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Mar Andersons Source Connect Patch ISDN

Vancouver, British Columbia

Sound Design

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Ed Nash

Nashville, Tennessee

Opening Title ThoughtSpot Beyond 2020 Conference

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Jennifer Cook Nice

LOS ANGELES, California

Ben and Jerry's Fairies and Arby's

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Michella Moss

Vancouver, British Columbia

Sound Effects excerpts from Audiobook

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Rachael West

Aurora, Colorado

Sounds Design - Multiple Audio Applications

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Chonrada Chayachinda

Bangkok, Thailand

Doraemon TVC

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Frequently Asked Questions

A sound designer is an audio professional who can bring the entire soundscape of your project to life. Whether you are working in music, gaming, film and TV, or live event production, a sound designer will oversee all the audio elements of your project with a technical proficiency and creative vision.

The best way to hire a sound designer is by sourcing a sound designer from the talent pool at Voices. We will match your project with a relevant and skilled sound designer who meets all of your project's requirements.

The cost of hiring a sound designer will vary based on the scope of your project and your chosen sound designer's rates. Browse through our lineup of talented sound designers to explore the cost of hiring a sound designer.

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All About Sound Design

Do you need a sound designer who can perform, record, and edit all of your project's sonic elements? When you're looking for a technically skilled professional with the creative vision to bring your project's sound to life, then hiring one of our talented sound designers is the way to go.

Sound designers are responsible for overseeing the various components of a creative project's soundscape. Sound designers play crucial roles in film and television, theater and live performance, video games and interactive experiences, radio and podcasting, sound art, sound recording and reproduction, and audio post production. Seasoned sound designers may have backgrounds working in the music industry, audio post production facilities, sound cutting rooms, or in audio for film and TV.

Sourcing one of our sound designers is the best way to ensure that your project has the oversight of a professional who can bring their technical expertise to the table, while inputting artistic ideas that will give your audio a holistic quality.

In the motion picture industry, the term sound designer was popularized as a result of the collaborative relationship between editor and mixer Walter Murch and writer director Francis Ford Coppola. Replacing positions such as 'supervising sound editor' and 're recording mixer,' Murch and Coppola defined a sound designer as "an individual ultimately responsible for all aspects of a film's audio track, from the dialogue and sound effects recording, re recording and the mix of the final track."

In contemporary music production, a sound designer is often an artist who works in tandem with a musician or composer to hone the more electronic or digital elements of the musical production. A sound designer will be able to create special auditory effects and ambiences in order to enhance a musical production, and will also have a firm grasp on using sequencing and synthesizers to achieve certain sounds.

Sound designers are also commonly employed in live theater. Contemporary productions have begun to rely more on sound designers to convey different settings, emotional moods, and scene changes that set pieces are less capable of depicting. When it comes to live musicals, a sound designer plays a crucial role. Also sometimes known as the sound reinforcement designer, sound designers who work on musicals are able to take charge of the tuning of the sound system to ensure that the instrumental backing music and each performers' vocal deliveries don't overpower one another and achieve a sense of equilibrium.

Sound design is a major component of video game development. It is used to elicit emotional responses as well as signal character movements and expressive cues. Certain forms of interactive multimedia rely on powerful sound design to create a sense of mood and tell the entire underlying story. With a well crafted sound design, a player may even be able to determine what is happening in the gameplay without the aid of any visual elements. In this sense, strategic sound design is being wielded to make video games more accessible for visually impaired players.

When you hire a sound designer, you'll be working with an expert who can devise the entire aural concept for your production so that no component of your project's audio sounds out of place. By hiring a sound designer, you can rest assured that you'll be working with a pro who has an expert understanding of acoustics and both analog and digital recording techniques.

What are you waiting for? To give your project an outstanding and immersive sonic atmosphere that resonates with your audience, hire one of the gifted sound designers from our pool of sound design talent.