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Mar Andersons Source Connect Patch ISDN

Vancouver, British Columbia

Sound Design

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Ed Nash

Nashville, Tennessee

Opening Title ThoughtSpot Beyond 2020 Conference

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Pallavi gtest3

canada, Arizona

Sound logo demo4

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Robert Braun

Bayreuth, Germany

Soundlogo for a german BioTec Company called BlueCatBio

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Braydyn Lents

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Bloomington, Indiana

ALT-91 & Blazer 91.1 FM WVUB, Vincennes University Radio Linears/Logos

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Gonzalo Ugarteche

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Santa Monica, California

Art 1 Logo

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Audio branding is like the sonic equivalent of visual branding. Audio branding employs musical, vocal, and auditory elements to forge a unique brand soundscape that expresses a brand's mood and personality through sound.

It's easy to hire a sound logo expert to write and produce your brand's sound logo right here on Voices. Explore our lineup of talented audio producers and reach out to the right sound logo expert to bring your brand's sound to life.

The best way to create a custom sound logo is by hiring a talented sound logo expert using Voices. Post a job and get matched with an experienced sound logo producer to write and record an original sound logo that will tell your audience exactly what your brand sounds like.

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All About Sound Logos

Sound logos are the next big thing in the world of brand marketing. Much like a visual logo employs visual symbols, typography, and a specific color palette to express the mood or feeling of a brand, a sound logo uses music and sound to convey the identity of a brand.

What is a sound logo? A sound logo is typically a short sequence of notes that will be designed to sound whenever a customer interacts with a brand—whether while watching a commercial, hearing a podcast ad, or purchasing something from the brand using a smart speaker or voice activated device.

If you're looking for a talented musician or marketing expert to design an original sound logo to incorporate into your sonic branding, then you've come to the right place.

One of the reasons sound logos are so effective is because a catchy musical jingle has the unique capacity to get stuck inside a listener's head. Every time an audience hears a sound logo, it reinforces brand recognition.

A good sound logo will ideally serve as the foundation of a brand's sonic identity, but can be reinterpreted in a number of different ways: by genre, mood, region, and the customer touchpoint that it is being presented through. With a sound logo interwoven throughout all of your company assets, your brand will attain a multifaceted brand soundscape that elevates it to the next level of brand marketing.

The sound logo expert you hire will be able to assess your brand's values and personality, and then undergo the process of designing an original sound logo to represent your brand. This process will typically involve conducting a brand audit to identify how your brand currently sounds throughout your media assets (say, in YouTube videos or podcasts), and subsequently deliberating on how you would like to sound. Composing a sound logo can involve some trial and error, a survey of other brands' sound logos, and feedback from the main stakeholders.

When you hire a sound logo expert from among our skilled audio producers featured on Voices, you will have the opportunity to provide a number of brand attributes that you would like the sound logo to capture. Are you an upbeat, inspirational brand that leaves your audience feeling uplifted? Or does your brand identity revolve more around appearing suave and sophisticated, with an effortless air of cool? Either way, it will be easy for you to find a talented sound logo expert to channel your brand's identity into a compact, dynamic, and memorable sound logo that tells your audience what they are listening to as soon as it makes its way to their ears.

Sound logo experts can come from a wide range of professional fields. Some may have backgrounds in audio production, music composition and sound design, while others may have experience in the fields of marketing and branding. In fact, today's sound logos closely resemble the jingles you used to hear in TV ads and radio spots. An experienced jingle writer may possess a number of qualities that translate well to sound logo design and production. However, sound logos are intended to be much more malleable and more like the DNA that can be adjusted and repurposed depending on the output.

Concocting a sound logo to represent your brand is a fantastic way to reposition your company and act as the core of your sonic branding. A robust sound logo tells your audience that you know exactly what you sound like and how your brand voice wants to communicate with the world. In our digital media landscape, your marketing efforts will be that much more effective if you use multiple branding tactics to engage with your audience through all of their senses.

Are you ready to hire a sound logo expert to bring your brand's sound to life? Browse our talent pool of experienced sound designers to find just the right audio producer to propel your company into the audio space and make your brand stand out.